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The Trap

Following a front-page article written by Sir James in French magazine Le Figaro, support for Sir James’s ideas grew – and the idea for The Trap, a book comprised of Sir James’s various speeches, lectures and thoughts, was born. Starting in June 1993, he finished the book in six weeks.

The Trap, Sir James Goldsmith

Senate Commerce Committee on GATT: Part 1

Senate Commerce Committee on GATT: Part 2

Senate Commerce Committee on GATT: Part 3

Senate Commerce Committee on GATT: Part 4

Charlie Rose: Sir James Goldsmith Interview

Channel 4 News broadcast about the Referendum Party

Take it from the top: The Business of Business Success

Panorama: Britain’s Waterloo?

Referendum Party Conference: Keynote Address

Senate Commerce Committee on GATT

The Response

Sir James Goldsmith’s previous book, The Trap, warned that global free trade and GATT would create unemployment and poverty in the industrialised world while, at the same time, ravaging the third world. This brought a torrent of rejection from the critics. Here Sir James answers his critics and, point by point, explains why they are wrong.

The Response, Sir James Goldsmith

On the Record

Dimbleby Debate on Europe and the Referendum Party

Breakfast with Frost: The Maastricht Treaty